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Monday, January 14, 2013

Commentary: High School

Occasionally, when going through my literal plethora of old notebooks, I find little ranting gems like this. Yes, I'm very conscious of the thorough overuse of commas and just general massacre of the grammar, and also the seeming abruptness of how it ends without proper resolution or conclusion, but unfortunately, if there was more to this rant, I could not find it in the chaotic pages of the notebook, so this is all we get. Enjoy?
(It's okay if you're a little frightened, me too amigo, me too.)

"So there we were...trapped inside a room full of stereotypes and embodied cliches, wishing away our adolescence with dreams of prospective successes all fed by the naive ambition of our juvenile minds. High school. It was like being slowly boiled to death, say by agonizing day, and like the frog in that infamous--not to mention, horrendously overused--analogy, we are stuck--perpetual prisoners to our own tragic fate. But, of course, it was for our "own good," to "better prepare us" for that ever-looming future that they never could shut up about. Yes, they claimed someday we really would be grateful, as if it all is truly essential to our survival, even to our very existence as human beings. Seriously though, let me just tell you how breathlessly I wait for the day when, in the progress of my thoroughly average, middle-class existence, my life will be heroically saved by the sudden urge to stop everything, draw up a graph, and find the asymptote.
I have no real vendetta against math specifically, (except, seriously, what the hell is an asymptote?!) the same perspective can be applied to infinite scenarios within the spectrum of that great wonder they have the nerve to call 'public education.'"

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