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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Abbey's Life: A Comedic Tragedy in Three Parts

I created this blog well over a year ago, when I was suddenly caught up in the concept of the thing as it became, in a word: "trendy." Hypocrite that I apparently am, I joined the trend--a habit I constantly profess a certain hostility towards--and "blogged." I feel I should point out (as if it is not already blatantly obvious) that I say blogged as a singular activity. I did not, per say, participate in the activity of blogging as I only ever posted once. Now, however, I return to the venture with renewed vigor! I cannot, and therefore will not, claim to have approached this second attempt entirely of my own volition, and well, as a matter of fact it's kind of a funny story...and given that it is my blog after all, I figure I can go ahead and tell it, whether you like it or not--so there reader! Anyway-- now that I've unofficially gotten carried away--let's get back to the point, or rather, the story. I was having a conversation with my friend Lu the other day (via text messaging as I am, of course, an American teenager after all) when she suggested I create a blog, since, supposedly, I am prone to expressive anecdotes, have an apparent tendency for ranting, and a natural inclination toward sarcasm, and dry and dark humor, all of which she believes makes me amusing.Flattered of course, but ever the business woman, I went on to tell her that as a matter of fact, I already had a blog, but hadn't really been very active on the "blogosphere" since creating it over a year ago. With this, of course, she insisted I make a second attempt of it, and, in response, I employed one of those wonderful qualities of mine she had so flattered in her persuasion, sarcasm. I described how I could almost picture it myself..."Abbey's Life: A Comedic Tragedy in Three Parts." Thus, the name of this entry was born in nostalgic commemoration of that charming discussion that started it all over again, and brought me back to that lost art of... BLOGGING!!!
...yes I was being sarcastic again, do try and keep up, dear reader, won't you?
Well, it could now reasonably be claimed you have officially experienced one of my charming little rants that in a way inspired my return..and will likely inspire your abrupt abandonment of my blog, but if for some reason you do decide to come back, you are hereby assured I will at least attempt to be more loyal to my own pursuit here, so hopefully there will eventually be other blog posts to follow this one. Until then, dearest reader, Farewellings!

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